Farmhouse Hemp has done more than refine hemp oil extraction, we've created something new. Hemp rosin is the result of our passion and commitment to the production of solventless CBD oil. We apply only heat and pressure to organically grown hemp to create the purest hemp CBD oil on the market.  Our hemp rosin preserves all of the terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This results in an improved flavor and aroma and a pure, full spectrum product. Farmhouse Hemp makes everything in small batches at our farm in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our hemp is grown organically, our rosin is hand pressed and ingredients are sourced locally.


Hemp Oil
mint flavor

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full spectrum

It is important to know where your CBD comes from, how it is processed, and exactly how much CBD is in the product you are using. Farmhouse Hemp sources only the finest organically grown Colorado hemp flower. Each batch of rosin is tested by a 3rd party lab to determine cannabinoid concentration. Our hemp rosin extraction process is completely natural which guarantees that you will find only pure, full spectrum hemp oil in all of our products. Our test results are always available and we are happy to share them with you.

500 mg cbd

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pets like
hemp too

Dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems in their bodies and can benefit from CBD. Farmhouse Hemp uses the same high quality organically grown full spectrum hemp to formulate our pet tincture. The tincture is tested for potency, carefully formulated, and easy to dose based on the weight of your pet. We take special consideration for our pets palates adding delicious natural flavors so your four legged friends will love getting their dose of CBD too!


pet drops
600 mg cbd

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cbd for
your skin

Farmhouse Hemp has created a unique blend of bee's wax, coconut oil, olive oil and hemp rosin to deliver CBD directly to your skin. Our salves are formulated with a healthy dose of 300 mg CBD. We have 2 formulations to suit your taste. Our Cayenne and Eucalyptus formula is great for soothing sore muscles. Lavender and Lemongrass relaxes the senses and the body. 


300 mg cbd

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about us

Farmhouse Hemp is based in Fort Collins, Colorado where  farmers are developing and growing the best organically grown hemp in the world. We take that hemp and apply our knowledge of solventless oil extraction to create the purest full spectrum hemp rosin available. We are fathers, mothers, animal lovers, and conscious consumers. We are passionate about CBD and its potential to help people and pets. We are Farmhouse Hemp.